future development - type of relation between zotero records

I usually add references cited in the document (Zotero record) to the "Related" tab. But the relation has both directions. So I would like to add the info about the type of relation. In other words, if the document cites related document or is cited by the related document or have another type of relations to the related document.
  • Another suggestion I would like to add is to make it easier to make two entries 'related' - selecting both and right click>'mark as related' would be very straightforward and convenient!
  • @Juapebe The Zutilo plugin adds that functionality (and many other useful shortcuts)
  • I too use the related feature often, Is there a way to filter related items ?

    For example, The main windows has many filter option that allow the display of different field, i.e. item type , title, various date options, etc.

    Surprisingly, it does have an option to show related items. Is this feature available elsewhere?

    In the alternative, Is there a way to search for related items?
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