Filtering documents without tags

I've been using Zotero as a main support tool for the writing of my master thesis, however there's something I haven't been able to do: I tag every document I read, not only to categorize them, but as a way to mark that I've actually read them. The problem with this approach is that I haven't found a way to filter or find all documents which have no tags attached (which would be my remaining "to do list"). Is there a way to do so? I've also searched the extensions and couldn't find anything that would suit this need. Any tips?
  • Do an Advanced Search for 'Tag' 'does not contain' '%'. Click "Save search". This will create a special Saved Search collection for items without any tags.
  • edited March 12, 2017
    You could also do 'Tag' 'is not' 'read' (or whatever your tag indicating that you've read the item is).
  • Or, for future needs, mark every new item with a tag (e.g. "pending") and then delete that tag when you have read the article. At any point, items with "pending" will be your not read list.
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