Update reference (item)

Is there a way to automatically update a reference in the database (Journal or Pubmed to Zotero, not Zotero to Word pluguin)? For example, after an online pre-published article gets assigned volume and page numbers, it would be great to just update the reference (like in Endnote), instead of a) either delete & re-download (which probably breaks links to Word) or b) manually add all that stuff.
(Anyway, thanks to all for this fantastic & free Zotero!)
  • generally planned, but not currently possible, no, sorry.
  • Current best option is to download the new item and merge with old (which preserves the links to Word).
  • I would be interested in this functionality as well.
  • I would like to have this function
  • Same here. Just spent most of my time correcting proofs because of that.
  • Oy! The number of Arxiv links that creep into my references. Would love this too.
  • Also from my side - would be very useful. For me, the idea is to both update selected references and bulk-wise. Ideally, identify all entries without volume and page information, but with a DOI (PMID...) and allow for bulk updating these. It would make life a bit easier for users.
  • I'm just bumping this :). I know that there's other software that does this - I was using some PDF organiser for a while there that did it, though the name escapes me. Thank you to team Zotero for all your amazing work!
  • I strongly support this feature. As far as I know, Zotero is the only main reference manager without this feature.
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