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I am having problems to download the publication name with the translator for the RSC, Royal Society of Chemistry. The publication name field is empty.

At the same time I have also had difficulties downloading the PDF, when I add a reference from Wiley journals. In this case, it seems to me that the error is a bit random, but it is happening frequently.

OS: Windows 10, using the Zotero Connector for Firefox, Zotero updated to the last beta version.
  • Can you add URL for the problematic publication? Create Report ID
  • @LiborA For the journals of the RSC ("Journal Article" items without publication name), here is one example for the "RSC Advances", but the same happens with other RSC journals as "Polymer Chemistry" and "Soft Matter":!divAbstract

    There is no report because there is no error: The field of the publication name in the new item is simply empty.
  • Yes you are right. But it is not a problem of 5.0 beta but a problem of RSC translator. If you try to add this article by "embedded metadata", the record in the Zotero is correct. @adamsmith can you look at it?
  • Just to clarify that this error is new, before it worked correctly.

    The same applies to the error of the Wiley translator, which now does not download the PDFs.
  • If you have a Wiley page that consistently doesn't download PDFs, please provide a link here, too.

    I'll look at RSC -- error may be new, but it is indeed unrelated to 5.0; I'm seeing the same thing on the current 4.0 release.
  • Thank you @adamsmith for your response.

    Here is a Wiley page with problems to download the PDF file. I just realized that the first time it does not download the PDF, but if I press again the "save to zotero buttom", the PDF file is then downloaded (of course, it creates a duplicate item but now with the PDF file):;jsessionid=3396A887E17718222CEE599FC597B0C9.f03t04?

    I hope I have explained well...
  • Any news about the RSC translator? The "journal title" field is still missing.

    Thank you!
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    I've noticed a quirky behavior with Wiley pages when using an ad blocker. With other publishers' sites, as soon as the Zotero icon changes to the article image everything downloads as expected. Not so with Wiley. If I don't wait a second or two there can be problems and I must click again to import into Zotero. I'm using Z5 beta standalone and the Firefox browser. However, this isn't a new problem. It started about a year ago when Wiley redesigned their website. I don't know the fix is simply to not immediately click the icon or if it helps to click an additional time because I haven't tested thoroughly. I've 'til now attributed success at a second click on the icon as not waiting enough time before the first click.

    edit- I believe that on one of our machines without the Firefox ad-blocker, there is no (or less) need to wait a beat or two before clicking the import-metadata icon. Again, not something I've carefully tested.
  • I also just discovered this problem with RSC articles (energy & environmental science) missing the publication field, abbreviation is there. I'm using Zotero 4 standalone with Chrome on MacOS.
  • OK, the RSC issue should be fixed. Update translators by clicking "Update Now" in the general tab of the Zotero preferences (or wait for 24hs).
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    Thank you @adamsmith. It is now working fine with RSC.

    Regarding the strange behaviour of the translator of Wiley, I coincide with @DWL-SDCA that it could be related with the redesign of the Wiley's web site, specially with the tortuous and unfriendly new way to download PDFs (in my case, I do not use ad-blockers).
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