Google Docs and Zotero

Thank you Zotero team for this beautiful piece of software. I am using zotero daily since 2011 and it has never failed me, for MS Word, LibreOffice and Lyx.

However the only thing missing from Zotero, is integration with Google Docs. People have been asking for this since 2009 (!category-topic/docs/docs-community/KMf3BQgH-c4).

Instead of paying around 30 USD for a annual Paperpile subscription, I am much more willing to donate 100 USD to the zotero team if they create a plugin for Mozilla that will integrate with Google Docs. Researchers and people who collaborate online and need to collectively write documents are all switching to online platforms, and I would love Zotero to be my reference manager for Docs.

Thank you once more.
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