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I have installed zotero on my new laptop and added the plugin to WOrd (Office 2013 professional).
When I want to add a citation, and I enter the book in the bar, the bar turns green, a footnote is added to my document, but the footnote only has {citation} and the green bar does not disappear. What now?
  • Is this on a new document? If not, could you try it with a new document? Otherwise could you provide a Debug ID for an insertion attempt that does not work?
  • D339018028.
  • I am editing my dissertation
  • so it is an existing document
  • wow, after 10 minutes or so, it finally inserts the reference, but one thing is certain, it is not running as smooth as it ought to do.
  • Final report: D687416414.
  • How many citations are in the dissertation? Is it that slow in a new document? Zotero does slow down in long documents with hundreds of references, but 10 minutes seems long even for that. The Zotero developers can check the debug logs and see if they see anything unusual, but there are some things you can do to speed up the plugin in your long document:

    1. Delete the bibliography and only insert it at the end
    2. Switch to an author-date style that doesn't change formatting for first versus subsequent citations (e.g., Annual Reviews Author-Date)
    3. Insert new citations into an empty document, then cut-and-paste them into your dissertation. Click Refresh once you are done writing.
  • Seems like there are a lot of citations in this document (upwards of 200?) Zotero tends to be slow with that many and we recommend splitting documents into chapters.

    However, sounds like updating/inserting was relatively fast on your old machine? What were the specs, OS and Office versions on that and what are you running now?
  • Dell Latitude 4??? with Windows XP & Word Professional 2010 originally and now Dell Latitude 5570 Windows7 & Word Professional 2013
  • Okay. We can't promise any quick fixes for this, but if you have an Office 2010 licence it might be worth a shot trying to use that. Otherwise see suggestions from bwiernik above.

    It's certainly a problem with Word 2013 or newer versions of Windows, but we might be able to speed it up at some point down the line.
  • Ok, I copied each chapter in a new document in order to edit them. This works fine. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Just to clarify, on your old Dell the operations were how fast? 10s? 1s?
  • Can't remember exactly, I guess 5-10s
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