[5.0 Beta] No items displayed in center pane

Debug ID D2099876344

I am encountering a recurrent bug where selecting a library or collection does not display the items in the center pane. I can click in the empty space, and one item's meta-data will show up in the right pane. Clicking again or using the arrow keys doesn't change the shown data, however. Changing collections or libraries does not fix the problem. It's gone after restart, and I haven't yet figured out what behavior reproduces it.

The Debug ID submitted shows selecting several different collections and libraries after the display error has occurred (and no items displaying after the switching).

(I'm using the stacked layout in case that matters.)
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    I haven't seen this, though I haven't really tested with the stacked layout. It's also possible that one of the plugins you have installed could cause this. I've added some additional debugging in the latest build (160), so a Report ID from that after this happens might be helpful.
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