[5.0 beta] rss feed and opml file error

I finally committed to Zotero 5 [beta], and updated the database. I removed ver.4 and did I clean install with the newest beta release. The update went well and all my data is fully accessible.

However, I can't the RSS feeds (the main reason for going live on 5) to work either by entering an individual url or opml file. I did have this working at one point months ago on a previous beta release. However, I can't get to work now and haven't been able to find a thread on the forum with a similar problem or solution.

I wasn't getting any errors on the connector output so I ran Zotero in debug mode and got the following output when trying to add the following url : http://feeds.propublica.org/propublica/main

Zotero console debug message:
Possibly unhandled rejection:
_feedCleanupReadAfter must be null or a positive integer, but is 0
Error: _feedCleanupReadAfter must be null or a positive integer, but is 0
ZoteroPane 5.0-beta.157+82b789e, platform => Win32, oscpu => Windows NT 6.1, locale => en-US

Firefox 51.0.1, platform => Win32

B.T.W. Great job on the new version, I don't think you guys get enough praise on thanks for all you do. I've been using Zotero for the past year with great success.
  • After reboot, I was able to create report ID

    Report ID: 1081072998

    (1)(+0000000): _feedCleanupReadAfter must be null or a positive integer, but is 0
  • This should be fixed in the next revision of client, but in the meantime you can fix this by going into Preferences -> Advanced -> Feeds and changing the defaults to be at least 1 for each field.
  • Thanks, for the quick response. I don't have that option in my release.

    Under Preferences -> Advanced -> Feeds I have Sorting, then feed defaults,

    Today release update is 5.0-beta.159+3d0c7d3

    As long as you guys are aware of the problem, I'll wait for the fix in the upcoming releases.
  • Oops, sorry my bad , I though you meant something else.

    Changing those three parameters to 1, made the feed appear.
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