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  • On my work computer, Zotero 5 Beta is significantly slow. I am seeing delays in populating the rightmost panel when I click an item and significant delay when I start to type a tag name. With 4.0.29.x, the tag matches happen instantly and as I type. With 5.0 beta, I have typed the entire first word and it is still matching tags related to the first alphabet. A full match can take up to 30 seconds.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for an operation that's slow?
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    Overall, large variability in speed. Operations are not consistently fast or slow. For example, time to update the middle pane with contents of a RSS feed could vary from 2 seconds to 10 seconds. I get a feeling that the speed is either sensitive to past events or the order of events or both.

    Time to load library (~2300 items) at startup:
    4.0.29.x: About 5-7 seconds
    5.0 Beta: About 10-15 seconds, but gets down to the 5-7 second range after multiple starts


    Debug ID for item selection delay: D1533732054 (~ 6 seconds)
    Debug ID for tag addition delay: D2018505036 (over 50 seconds)


    Just FYI (I should probably create another thread for this issue)
    Hit tag delete button but it would do nothing. Clicked on another item and then returned to the previous one and this time the tag is gone. Tried re-adding the deleted tag and it won't show up as an option when I start typing, hinting that the tag is still associated with the item? Probably same behavior when I add a tag - need to toggle item selection to see changes to the tags.
  • @dstillman Just FYI, I am still seeing a large variability in speed and at some point Zotero will crash requiring the program be closed and restarted . For example, when I clicked on "Unindexed Files" it took about 140 seconds for the items to be displayed in the center pane. If I close and restart Zotero, it opened in the same selection but took only 7 seconds to display the items. I then clicked on various saved searches and collection, and then when I came back to "Duplicate Items", it crashed.

    Report ID: 798451416

    Zotero 5.0-beta.180+de7b56b on Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit.
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    The debug output shows high activity in full-text indexing. @dstillman will need to look into this, but as a temporary non-solution you can try disabling it by setting the number of characters to index to 0 in Preferences -> Search and seeing if that helps.
  • Could we see another Debug ID while it's being slow? Your latest Report ID does suggest that this is still related to full-text indexing, but that was also the case when you posted in March. It might be expected to be a little slow shortly after a sync of many new items (though Zotero should only index in the background while you're not using it), but after Zotero has had time to index those it shouldn't really affect things.

    What are your index stats in the Search pane of the prefs?
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    @adomasven and @dstillman
    I thought I had auto-indexing disabled by setting my pages to index to zero. Is that not the case?
    Screenshot of my indexing settings: https://1drv.ms/i/s!Atcr8aCyjBrulLQ6Xlu7ObxxIqdlEQ

    Note that my indexing stats have been the same for a while because the un-indexed files are non-OCRed PDFs. Once I have added new PDFs, I change my page setting, rebuild the index to include non-indexed items, and them change the page setting back to zero.
  • Once I have added new PDFs, I change my page setting, rebuild the index to include non-indexed items, and them change the page setting back to zero.
    Why do you do that?

    The delays you're seeing are in processing of synced full-text content, which are independent of the Search settings — if you have full-text syncing enabled, downloaded content will be processed in the background. But the delays you're seeing for that aren't normal or expected.
  • Because in the past I noticed Zotero would slow down when I attach or import a PDF. And I tend to bulk attach, so I want to just complete my operations quickly and let the indexing happen when I am away from my desk.

    I am surprised the 5.0 Beta is still syncing full-text content. I haven't made any substantial changes to my full-text content and indexing in few weeks now. So, it should be fully synced with only very small incremental changes.

    I have unchecked the "Sync full-text content" setting to see if that makes a difference.

    BTW, am I right in thinking that if I set pages to index to zero, I am effectively preventing any indexing operations?

  • I'm still looking at this, but I've fixed an issue in the latest beta that was preventing downloaded full-text content from being properly processed.
    BTW, am I right in thinking that if I set pages to index to zero, I am effectively preventing any indexing operations?
    Full-text content that it pulls down will be indexed, regardless of the length settings (because they control how much is extracted from the original file, and that already happened on the other computer).
  • Have you seen any improvement with the latest betas?
  • When I tested last week, I had the full-text sync turned off and it seemed to have made a difference in speed and crash errors. I'll be back in office next week and will test the latest beta.
  • @dstillman The 193 beta looks much faster. The only place where it seemed slow (but still faster than past betas) was "unindexed files". I will continue to test and report back.

    My settings: Full-text sync is off. Maximum characters and pages to index, per file, are set to zero.
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