sync subcollections

apologies if this is answered somewhere but I cant find it.

I run Zotero standalone on 2 windows 10 machines, and also sometimes use Zotero online via Firefox.

I'm finding that my items are syncing as one would expect, both on the standalones and online, but that the structure of subcollections is not syncing. eg I add a subcollection on one machine and it does not show up on the other or online

is this normal? Is there a way to force subcollection structures to sync?


  • No, it is not normal. Subcollection have to be synchronized automatically. Create Debug ID
  • Debug ID is D972702963.
  • Start here: Changes Not Syncing
    Translator with ID bc03b4fe-436d-4a1f-ba59-de4d2d7a63f7 already loaded from "CSL JSON ([…]'s conflicted copy 2016-10-25).js
    Beyond that, you appear to have had your Zotero data directory in Dropbox as recently as October. I don't know if you have E: configured as your Dropbox drive or you've moved it out, but if that's Dropbox you should move it out immediately and you should also 1) reset your translators (there are a bunch of "conflicted copy" files in the translators directory of your data directory and 2) check your database integrity from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences.
  • OK tx. didnt realize about dropbox.... will follow other suggestions.
  • so I followed your directions, moved the zotero directories out of dropbox (now folders in the root directory). checked database integrity (no issues), and reset translators... seems like this synced the subcollection structure for the Zotero standalone programs on my two machines, but did not fix the online version....
  • That's not possible. There's no way to sync data between two computers without it also being on the website, unless you're looking at a different account.
  • Ok so lets ignore that for now, and focus on why the online version does not reflect the changes I made locally to the subcollection structure any further suggestions? I've tried manual syncing at both ends; items get synced but not structure.
  • What's the name of an example collection that you see locally and that doesn't appear after a successful sync, when items do appear?
  • wow. suddenly everything worked. last checked an hour or so but now everything is in place. guess your instructions were perfect - and sorry to bother you again. Thanks! BTW zotero is as the Brits say the bees knees.
  • OK, great. Possible that there are some display issues in the web library when you have many collections. (@fcheslack would know better.)
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