[5.0 beta] change the way dates are displayed to system default

Hi, this is either a 'how can I do this' or a feature request - but is there any way to get the dates in the 'Date Added' column to not use the US format? as a Brit it's one of those things that makes me have to look twice, or more if I'm tired.

If there's some easy hidden preference to make Zotero use the Windows system preferences, that'd be great, or if it should already be doing that, then I guess this is an error report after all
  • https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/173875/#Comment_173875
    (not new in 5.0, but I assume you were using the Firefox version before?)
  • HI Adam, holy cow, that was a fun thread to be reminded of.
    However I've followed Dan's instructions to change the setting in about:config and all is good now.
    And yes I was using the Firefox version before.
  • Yes, "fun" is exactly how I think of it ;)
    We need a better link for this... I'll probably just put this in a kb article.
  • That's probably for the best :)
    Do include a line about where to find about:config in Standalone - it may just be because I'm pre-coffee but I did have a moment of trouble finding it - I'm so used to being able to type it into the url bar in Firefox that not being able to do precisely that threw me for a minute.
    Right, off to make coffee, Thanks again.
  • I second that thread was much fun. I wonder if it demands a Turing test... could be a top notch AI bot from Area 51.
  • @adamsmith: a kb article may be useful, but if you just need a better link: https://www.zotero.org/support/supported_languages#zotero_standalone
  • hmm, that link suggest that Standalone will automatically pick the OS's language - which might be taken to imply that it'd also pick the OS's date format too. So, if that's not the case (my OS is set to English United Kingdom) it might be worth changing that.
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