[Feb. 28, 2017] Syncing and web library outage

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Hello, When I try to sync, I receive a messagesayin that server is temporarly invalid ID report: 35344692.
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  • I'm too...
    Help, please!
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    Same issue here, on Zotero 4 (my work machine). I cannot even submit an error report as I get a server error.

    Debug ID: D648260326
  • The Amazon servers on which Zotero runs are having problems. See
    https://status.aws.amazon.com/ (the message at the top). This is widely used internet infrastructure, should be back up pretty quickly.
  • Yes, this is a massive outage affecting millions of websites, Zotero included.

    Service will be restored as soon as Amazon fixes the problem.
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    We've restored web library data access, which isn't dependent on the affected service. Syncing and file access on the web library are still unavailable.
  • So happy I am not the only one! All my papers disappeared online! huh.
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    Attachment file access should work from the website now. Syncing in Zotero 4.0 is still unavailable due to the partial continued outage at Amazon.

    (Zotero 5.0 Beta data syncing isn't affected by this outage, though file sync uploads will fail.)
  • There may still be some intermittent failures, but syncing should be beginning to work again.
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