Can't delete a tag

edited February 28, 2017
I have a tag attached to 6791 items. I just tried to delete it. After I waited for 35 min Zotero (v. reported an error and asked me to restart. Upon restart I see the same tag attached to the same 6791 items. Is there anything else I can do to get the tag deleted? I'm fine waiting until the 5.0 version if this will be fixed then.
  • Just tested this in 5.0. Deleting an item attached to 3500 items took <5 seconds.

    (Adding and removing tags to/from many items is still slower than it could be (e.g., 50 seconds to add a tag to 3500 items). I've created an issue for that.)
  • Great! Can't wait for 5.0. I'm thinking of just switching to the beta now--so many useful new features :)
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