Issue with second-time In-text citation for report

I need to cite a report written by Congressional Budget Office. in APA, If you cite a report from an institution, for the first time, the in-text citation should use the full name of it, but for the second time and so on, you are supposed to use its abbreviation (if it has one). In my case, Congressional Budget Office is well-known as CBO. However, I just inserted two citations in word and both of them kept the full name. I went back to Zotero and didn't find a field that will allow me to put its abbreviation. Help!
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    Zotero can't handle this by default. There are two ways to get it to work.

    One way--Enter the author as "CBO", then in the first citation, check the Suppress Author field and then add "Congressional Budget Office [CBO]" as a prefix.

    Install the Abbreviations Filter plugin from It adds this sort of functionality.
  • @bwiernik thanks buddy and this does help!
  • Can someone please help me with this? When I download the abbreviation app, it asks me with which program to open it. I tried with the Zotero.exe, but nothing happens. Are there some installation instructions somewhere?
  • In the Zotero app, click Tools -> Add-ons. Then drag the .xpi file for the Abbreviations plugin into the window that pops up.
  • OK, thank you bwiernik, that worked. Now I'm searching for how to create a local JSON abbreviations list
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