[5.0 beta] Orphan group in DB after leave + sync [RESOLVED]

edited February 24, 2017
This is an odd issue that arose when syncing with a Juris-M 5.0 client, but I don't think it's specific to Juris-M.

I transferred ownership of two private groups (to graduates who control them). After the transfer, I left both groups. Syncing the client, I received a notice that I had left one group, with options to retain it read-only, cancel sync, or remove the group. I chose to retain it read-only. There was no notice concerning the second group.

After exporting a few records from the first group, running sync popped up the notice again, and I chose to remove the group. The operation went through, and the group was removed from the DB as expected. But there was again no notice concerning the second group, and subsequent syncs also do not throw up a notice.

I am able to edit records in the remaining group, but this also produces to message during sync. Clicking through to the group URL on zotero.org, I am denied access (as expected), and the group is not listed in the Groups page of my account (again, as expected).

Here is the relevant line in the libraries table:

libraryID type editable filesEditable version storageVersion lastSync
---------- ---------- ---------- ------------- ---------- -------------- ----------
2291668 group 1 1 0 0 0

So there are two odd things:
  • The option to retain the private group library seems like it should either (a) take effect and suppress the popup on subsequent syncs, or (b) be disabled; and
  • Syncing two freshly departed private group libraries in a single sync operation seems to have left the DB in a funny state
Edit: Re (a) above, I'm not sure if there is provision for removing a group library after its access to the originating group on zotero.org has been severed. If not, then (b) would avoid entering that cul-de-sac.

For the immediate practical issue, what could I tweak in the libraries line to trigger an attempt to sync the content, so that this second group can be removed?
  • Aha. Right-click over the group in the left-hand pane -> Sync forced a sync of the group, and presented the popup. Choosing "Remove" has removed the group. All clear.

    The behavior described above does seem a little odd, but given a means of recovering through the UI, I'm happy at this end.
  • edited February 24, 2017
    Fixed for the next build, out later today — thanks for catching this. (I had helpfully annotated it with a TODO in the code and promptly forgot about it.)

    Now, when you choose to keep a library you no longer have access to, it's marked as archived, it no longer triggers the warning on sync, and you can remove it permanently by right-clicking on it in the left pane. If you regain access to it, it'll be unarchived and updated.
  • Excellent. That sounds a much better solution than my rough suggestion.
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