Bookmarklet stores no citations to Zotero Webapplication

Just now I can't store citations (in case: a website) to Zotero via bookmarklet in Firefox (45.5.0 ESR).

Until now I opened Zotero in the Web by logging into my account, and I could store any website via the bookmarklet.

Now a failure-notice occurs saying that I have to open Zotero Standalone. On the machine I'm using at office I can't install Zotero Standalone due to security-restrictions.

Is this problem only my problem? How do I solve it?
  • The bookmarklet only works for pages that have a dedicated translator. The page you're trying to save most likely does not have any translators. For that specific page your only option is indeed to use Zotero Standalone.

    We expect this to change in the future, but cannot provide any timeline (i.e. probably not very soon).
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