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I've tried to use Jurism to create references for parts and subparts of federal regulation. It's auto-populated fiends on e-cfr, but incorrectly. I'd love for that to work but at the moment would be happy with being able to create records that would come up in the proper blue/indigo book format for law reviews, for example: 34 C.F.R. 90(a).
It would be even better to have a way to put a parens afterwards (not just as a suffix or as one in all cases) with the topic of the provision for example 34 C.F.R. 90(a) (income tax).

Can anyone recommend a fix or format I can use that would work?
  • I think this is set up already in Juris-M. Here are steps to check, using one of the JM Indigo styles:

    1. Set the item type of Regulation.
    2. The "Name of Act" field is optional.
    3. Set the Jurisdiction field to "United States" (from the search list).
    4. C.F.R. (or Code of Federal Regulations) goes in the Reporter field.
    5. Section number (i.e. 34) goes in the Volume field.
    6. The target year goes in the Date field.
    7. The section number (i.e. 90(a)) goes in the Section field.

    Subject heading as a trailing parenthetical is not part of the style, but you can add that as a suffix (through the word processor plugin) where required.

    Examples in Indigo Book have a section mark (§) before the section number, and the style will supply that.
  • Thanks. So I've filled in the different categories as you've indicated and this is what I get when I insert it into word using the plug in.

    34 C.F.R. § 90(a) (United States|US 2014).

    When I do a drag and drop quick cite I get this instead: 34 C.F.R. (United States|US 2014).

    I can't seem to be able to fix the "United States|US" portion.

    Also, if I'm understanding you correctly, if I want the title/name of a specific section like income tax in my example I'll have to add that as the suffix each time I cite it, correct?

  • Also, FYI, when I cite the same section twice in a row, the software doesn't update the reference to indicate "Id." but instead repeats 34 C.F.R.
  • I have checked only with Juris-M 5.0 (which isn't yet out), but I think 4.0 will behave the same.

    1. You can suppress the jurisdiction using the "Abbrevs" popup (click the Abbrevs button in the word processor plugin citation widget). That was a little quirky in 4.0, so if it doesn't seem to work, it definitely will in 5.0.

    2. A simple drag will yield a cite in bibliography format, without a pinpoint. To drag the citation form, press Shift while dragging.

    3. If the cite is dragged into a document, it will be static text, not a dynamic citation. If inserted via the word processor plugin, it should update to context correctly.
  • (Meanwhile, I'll try to take a look at building a Juris-M scraper for e-CFR.)
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