Sync arrow spins indefinitely

I was just helping a group get set up with Zotero, and everyone who had set up and logged in to sync reported that their libraries would not sync -- the green arrow icon just spins indefinitely, for days in some cases.

I logged in with my Zotero account at the beginning of class, and sync had not completed when I left an hour and a half later.

I am now back at my desk and my regular computer, and I can report that the sync arrow has been spinning for half an hour and the tooltip indicates that my last sync was five days ago.

I can only give my own version number (Standalone, but these were all new Zotero users so should be current versions. A variety of browsers and OSes.

The only common factor I can think of is that we are all on the same campus network-- a variety of laptops on wifi, and two Windows machines on wired ethernet.

I just generated report #1818434037 in case it's useful. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • It looks like you're syncing fine now, correct? Syncing has been occasionally a little slow lately, and we've been focused on getting 5.0 out, which has an entirely new sync architecture that will address these delays. Once that's out, which should be within days, these problems should go away.
  • Yep, it took a couple of hours or so but I think it's resolved on my PC. I will check with my group contact and see if her colleagues are still having problems. I'll share this thread with them. Thanks.
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