[5.0 beta] *Possible* empty-trash gitch [RESOLVED]

edited February 24, 2017
I've stumbled across a possible UI issue, so passing it along just in case.

Testing the Z5-based Juris-M client today, small empty-trash operations in a library with ~4,000 items were taking a long time (at least 10x official Zotero). The bottleneck was in SQL table lookups, and adding three indexes sped things right up again.

Meanwhile, though, I found that selecting another library while the empty-trash operation was in progress caused the client to open another executeTransaction, and then time out waiting for the async queue to clear. When the client was restarted, the empty-trash operation had completed. In separate test runs, waiting in trash without selecting another library allowed the operation to complete without error.

I can't think of anything specific to Juris-M that would cause the error, but it's hard to reproduce manually because in Zotero (and now in Juris-M also) empty-trash operations complete very quickly.
  • (Scratch this one. There was at least one trash-related bug in Juris-M that could have affected things. I'll try to hold off on comments until I've confirmed that anything I come across is reflected in the proper beta release.)
  • Happy to confirm that the "out-of-transaction" error has not showed itself again. Switching collections while trash is being emptied seems to be working fine. The bug was Juris-M specific.
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