[5.0 beta or Zotfile?] New files in PDFs location

edited February 18, 2017
A few days ago I installed the beta version in one of my computers. I have not had any problems. I always use Zotfile to move and rename my documents to my personal organization system.

However, I have noticed that the following two new files now appear in my folders every time I add a new document: .zotero-ft-info and .zotero-ft-cache (the second seems to be a text file containing the last document added; a pair of these files per folder ).

Are these files created by Zotero or Zotfile? For what? Is there any option to avoid them? Can they be deleted or are they necessary for the program?

Thank you very much!
  • Those files are Zotero's full-text cache, which it uses when you search full text attachment content. You can disable full text caching if you don't want this feature in Zotero's preferences.
  • Thank you very much @bwiernik ... I suspected something like this.

    I understand that these files are useful for searches, but why do they appear now that I switched to version 5.0 and not before? Could it be that they were in a directory within zotero's folders and not with my documents?

    Thank you very much!
  • Are they appearing in Zotero's complicated folder hierarchy or the folder you have Zotfile storing your PDFs in?
  • In the folder to where Zotfile moves my PDFs.
  • @dstillman Should the index files for linked items be stored in the link's containing folder? I thought they were stored in the Zotero file structure like stored attachments.
  • Should be fixed in the latest beta, 143.
  • Thank you guys!
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