How to Install Zotero on Microsoft Word for Mac Office 365?

I had to purchase a new Mac today before uni starts as my old one kept crashing.
macOS Sierra Version 10.12.3
I installed the Microsoft Word for Mac Version 15.31 (170216) Office 365 Subscription.
Zotero installed well on Firefox but the PlugIn for Word won't work.
How do I install it?
I have a paid Zotero subscription so would like this to work.
Please help.
  • Hi, I feel really silly that I asked this question as I have found where Zotero was hiding in my Word version.
    It was in the "Add-ins" menu up the top.
    Thanks! it is all resolved.
    Cheers. :)
  • Txs! Not silly, I had the same problem!
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