Report ID: 1944357308 - "Zotero experienced an error updating your document.

(intermediate value)[command] is not a function."

I am currently trying to "Add a Citation" to my microsoft word 2013. It was working fine for another paper of mine three days ago but now every time I try to add, I get the error above. I need to keep track of my sources as I use them. Please assist.
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    Could you please also provide
    1) The version of Zotero you're using
    2) The citation style you're using

    and let us know if this is happening in a fresh document, too, or just in one specific document.
  • I have Zotero Standalone for firefox that was just downloaded today.
    I am using ACS (American Chemical Society) but at the time it was defaulted to Chicago.

    It works as long as I keep the standalone closed.

    It did happen in a fresh documents.
  • I also have the add on for firefox
  • OK, just to be sure though, could you get us the version numbers both for Standalone and the Firefox add-on? They're listed under "About Zotero" in the Gears Menu.
  • I'm not sure which of the two that refers to, but that version is almost 2 years old. Update.
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