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  • Hello - Quick question about the "Book Section" category in My Library. It doesn't seem to offer a separate field for the (full) book authors/editors. There's a field for the author of the chapter, and then I have to write a note. Am I missing something?
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  • Thanks, adamsmith -Yes- I have been using the "+" function to add authors and editors, but when the time comes for zotero to generate my bibliography, will it know the order of editors and authors for a "book section" entry?
  • Yes, it takes the authors in order and the editors in order from how they are listed in the Zotero item.
  • But if the order i which they are listed in Zotero bothers you (as bwiernik says, it doesn't bother Zotero), you can move individual creators up and down in the same menu where you assign their role ("Move down" and "Move up" respectively).
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