Bug Report: Zotero Hangs when pasting text in 'page' tab (editing in word plugin)


I am trying to edit pages in the word plugin for 1.5 beta. Manual insertion works ok, but when I copy and paste pages in the page tab, the system hangs. I use Firefox 5.0 on a Windows Vista environment and Office 2007.
1: Type some text in a word document
2: Add a citation (I used Chicago author-date, but others will probably fail also)
3: press the 'Zotero Edit Citation' in the word plugin
4: try to paste some text in the 'page' tab, such as "pp. 33-35"
5: everything hangs.

Killing the zotero processes in task manager works, and luckily it does not affect the word document.


  • http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/3064/bug-report-openoffice-writer-crash-when-pasting-from-clipboard-into-zotero-interface-search/#Item_15
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