it seems i am loosing items...


i am sorry to post this issue, and at this time, i cannot be more specific as the following:
i just discovered that i lost at least one item in the database (627 in total, not much).
I am shure that it was there before because i made a note of it in excel using export citation to clipboard.
Now i found myself searching for the item, but it was no more in the database ( i did not delete it :-) )
since i knew the title, re-adding was easy, but i suspect that it could be a problem somewhere in zotero or my setup...
The original item was entered in zotero on portable FF (win), and then synced to my macbook, firefox 3.1b3pre.
* Maybe there was something not completely synced and it got lost?
* maybe the entry had some "special" properties that i wasnt aware of and got destroyed? After re-adding the item, it shows Di 31 Mär 09:43:53 2009 for the dates of accessed (cklicking on the field reveals 2009-03-31 09:43:53)
* just to be complete: the item in question is:
So its type is set to "Thesis".
* accidentially i found out that a saved search for any item that contains thesis (type field) does only bring up one item, and it is a different one than the one i just added. Although i have more than 10 Thesis items in the database... But checking db integrity revealed no errors.

Well, that is my quite unspecific report... i am shure it is not reproducible.... but i will post any news on this :-)
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