[Solved] Report ID: 816337663 – "Parent item cannot be a child attachment" [sync problem]

edited February 15, 2017
Syncing is aborted with the following message:
Parent item HEUX8UIG cannot be a child attachment
What can I do so that I can sync again?
  • May I try to delete the corresponding folder or will that create havoc?
    Unfortunately, I don't know what created this problem and therefore also cannot provide steps to reproduce it.
  • I don't think that'll work, but it won't create havoc (just possibly a missing attachment). Have you checked database integrity in the advanced tab of the preferences?
  • I did the database integrity check and it seems to be fine.
    No errors were found in the database.
    Any other troubleshooting ideas?
  • This would be something for @dstillman to look at, but my guess would be he just wants to get 5.0 out and I´d guess the issue will disappear there.
  • Okay. The only reason it's troubling me is that it leads to an aborted sync process. The last sync is now 8 days ago. If I'd know that the problem is client- or server-side I could re-sync from one to the other.
  • type HEUX8UIG into the quick search bar in "All fields and tags" mode.
    Save the file(s) to your harddisk if needed. Then try to delete the item, empty the trash, re-sync Zotero, see if that works. You can re-add the same item again later.
  • edited February 15, 2017
    @adamsmith When I searched for HEUX8UIG, the item HBB7XXA6 showed up. After deleting both items and restarting Zotero, sync works again. Thank you for helping with this.
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