[Z 5.0 beta] Zotero item links in separate window

edited 9 days ago
Zotero links in notes, such as zotero://select/items/1_5XN6P5V8, work fine.

However, in separate editing window the zotero links in notes don't work while links in [Related] and external http:// links work well.

I think it will be very helpful to move to other notes using zotero links in separated window notes because I can read related notes quickly like PDF bookmarks.

Could you make it possible to use zotero links in separate window?
  • In the latest version(5.0-beta.141+058a4b1), Zotero item links still don't work in separate window. I think this will be very helpful for many.
    Please have a look and fix it if it is a bug.
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