[Z 5.0 beta] All the modified dates in link are the same.

edited February 11, 2017
When I attach a link to item, it has two dates:
1) Accessed date and time
2) Modified date and time

Accessed date and time is the correct time when I attach the link.
However, Modified date and time is always 1/9/2017 AM 10:16:09 (in my case) regardless of the present time.

I searched some of my links and found that all the modified date and time of links are the same (1/9/2017 AM 10:16:09).


My questions are:
- What it the modified time?
- Why all the times are the same?

It doesn't cause any problem for me, but for someone it may cause some.
In addition, as Zotero fan, I'm very curious. ^^

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