First name appearing in in-text citation?

For some reason, one particular author's first name keeps showing up in the in-text citations. It's driving me a little crazy. I can see that the entries were made with separated last,first naming. Is there a way to fix this easily, or do I have to manually edit it out? I'm on deadline. Thanks.
  • probably due to the author disambiguation. What's the name of the author and is there a similar citation in your bibliography? Also, what style are you using?
  • Author disambiguation...mmm. That's probably right.
    The author's name appears in different forms in different pubs.
    S.E. Kimes in some, Sheryl E. Kimes in others, etc.
    So I need to standardize across all pubs she is in, despite the way it appears in the publication?
  • correct, yes. Always use the full name in Zotero.
  • Yeah, that fixed it. Pain in the neck, but it works.

    Thank you very very much for your help, damnation.
  • Thanks, that also helped me. I notice the duplicate citations are yet another painful inheritance of Mendeley.
  • Hello, I'm having this same problem but even when I changed the names in my library my document is still using the first name in my in-text citations. Does someone knows why is this happening or how can I fix it?
  • Check if this also happens in a new document.
  • I also had this same problem, and just tried adamsmith's suggestion. It does not happen in a new document. I suppose I can just copy/paste the whole document over without the incorrect citations and re-add them? But is there a better way to do this? Refreshing doesn't work.
  • @HansonMA: See "Deleted Citations" on the support page linked page.
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