[Z5.0 beta] Deleting notes error.

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In 5.0-beta.135+12735fa, I can't delete notes.
When I delete notes, the notes remain in the note list.
I didn't come into the error before.

Please have a look at the related .wmv file.

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    In 5.0-beta.136+469d689, the error regarding deletion of notes remains.

    Report ID is D1323774430.
    The report ID and .wmv file above may help fix the bug.
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    I can replicate this on Linux build 136. However, I believe that it is not a problem with deleting the note, but that note list in the side panel is not updated correctly after note deletion (but only for notes created with Zotero5).

    A few observations that might help troubleshoot this issue:

    - When adding a note (both via right click and the "add note" button) and immediately deleting it, the note will still appear in the note list in the side panel for that item.
    - Adding an additional note after deleting the first note, will update the note list in the side panel so that the deleted note now is removed, and the new note is added.
    - Restarting Zotero will update the note list in the side panel and remove the deleted note.
    - Deleting the note from the trash permanently updates the side panel note list.
    - Clicking the deleted note in the side panel takes me to the trash. If I then go back to my main library, the deleted note is still visible in the side panel and on top of that, it has now also been added back to the main panel and is shown when the current item is expanded (as shown in the video compunk posted). Adding a new note will remove the deleted note from both the main and the side panel.
    - This behavior only occurs when trying to delete notes created in Zotero5. Deleting notes created in Zotero4 or via the zotero-cli tool https://github.com/jbaiter/zotero-cli (on a Zotero5 database) works as expected.
    - I see no output in terminal indicating that something might be wrong. I tried running the --jsconsole, but didn't see any related errors or warnings there either.
    - 182660732 is the error ID from a session which included creating a new note, deleting it, viewing the sidepanel note list, clicking the deleted note to go to trash, navigating back to the main panel, expanding the item to see that the note has been added back to the main panel, viewing the note in the side panel, and finally adding a new note which removes the deleted note from the side main panels.
  • I just came across another similar situation when deleting a web page, pubmed entry, or an attached link to a file (and possibly other entries). The subitem will initially disappear from its parent item, but if collapse and then expand the parent, the deleted subitem has returned from the dead.

    Restarting Zotero or adding a new note (and possibly other attachments, removes the deleted subitems from the expanded view, so this might also be related to some update function not performing as expected upon deletion of items.
  • @Cheflo described the problem correctly, I think.
    Please check the bug.
    It's very confusing because deleted notes stay in right side panel.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Recent regression, fixed in 138, available in a few minutes — thanks.
  • Thanks. The bug was fixed in 138.
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