Vancouver style errors?

Hello guys,

First of all I like to congratulate on your work on zotero and tell you a big THANK YOU because I have used zotero constantly for the last 5 years. You rock.

I just wanted to ask some questions. In the Vancouver style (the default pre-installed vancouver) the citations in the text, do not have a space among them. Shouldn't there be a space among different citation numbers (16, 18, 32 instea of 16,18,32) Example in my article (MS Word 2013, windows 7 using firefox plugin AND in Libre office, mint 18.1 using firefox plugin):

Also after 100 references, there is an indent before the citation (libre office, mint 18.1 using firefox plugin, have not tested in MS Word). Example:

Could you please advise me (or update the actual style?) on what to do to fix those?
  • First one--No. Style specifies no space.

    Indent size is handled by the Bibliography style in LibreOffice. Three digit numbers are too long so they cross the default tab stop. Adjust the Bibliography formatting style in LO.
  • Thank you so much bwiernik ! I was unaware of the Vancouver style not having spaces, thanks for letting me know.

    As for the second, I have reached the following dialog in LO, but I am uncertain of what to do, could you please tell me ?

  • See the first section here:

    Citations and bibliographies generated by the word processor plugins might appear in a different style (font, font-size, etc) than the surrounding text. The appearance of the generated text can be changed by changing the default style. E.g. in LibreOffice, open the styles manager in 'Format' > 'Styles and Formatting' or by hitting F12. Right click on “Default”, select 'Modify', and make the desired changes to this style.

    Bibliography formatting is controlled in the style file, and should conform to the requirements of the style in use. The formatting of the bibliography can be modified by editing the “Bibliography” (Word) or “Bibliography 1” (LibreOffice) style.

    Change the tab stops for the Bibliography 1 style.
  • Thank you very much bwiernik ! I changed the tab position from 0.68 cm to 0.85 cm and thats how it looks now
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