Forum entry problem: @ symbol and return/enter (typo correction)

edited February 5, 2017
edit to correct the auto-correct change from ampersat to ampersand--

When I type the ampersat symbol and then some characters and then the return key, everything that I typed after the ampersat is deleted. This occurs on my iPad and on my Mac. (I'm not at my computer now so I cannot verify if this works properly when I use Firefox or if this is a new Safari issue.

Evidence that this is not only a Safari problem but is a new forum issue: I don't have this problem when I enter characters including an ampersat on other website fields. Did some keyboard shortcut for quick edits get included by mistake?

edit more info:
I just tested by entering text in the abstract field of one of the records in my online Library. Characters entered after an ampersat are not deleted when I use the return key. The issue is limited to the forum.
  • I edited my earlier message to correct the unwanted change from my typed "ampersat" to ampersand. I am referring to the at-sign.
  • That's for username mentions. It's trying to autocomplete a username, and if you type something that's not a username it clears it. I doubt we'll bother fixing this — just keep typing on the same line and it won't clear it.
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