[5.0 beta] Is there any way to search sub-collection names?

I have somewhat long list of collections with many sub-collections.
Is there any way to search (sub-)collection names?
That is, I want to find out collection name, not item in some specific collection.

  • Click in that pane, press + to expand all collections, and start typing. A more advanced collection search may come in the future.
  • In English it works, but in other languages like Korean it doesn't work ; it is fine with collection name in English, but with ones in Korean Zotero is not able to recognize typing.
    Zotero is a world widely used reference tool, so I hope the function can be used in non-English languages.

  • edited February 8, 2017
    This functionality comes from the underlying Mozilla platform we're using (i.e., you'd see the same thing in the Firefox bookmarks list). Not sure how easy it is to address, but I've added an issue for it.

    (And more advanced collection search functionality will likely still come in the future as well.)
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