To import patent ref's with a BibTeX file, what are all the field names?

Many of the BibTeX fields apparently do not have the same names as listed in the info tab in Zotero, and they are not the same names that show up an RDF file either, for example:

Patent Number = Number
Issue Date = Date
Country = ??
Place = ?? ("Locality" does not work either)
Filing Date = ?? ("filingDate" does not work)
Issuing Authority = ?? ("Authority" alone does not work)

Can someone paste a list of the BibTeX field names that map to and import to all the Zotero patent fields?

Does this mapping show up somewhere in the documentation?

  • Always helps to provide a bit of context -- what are you actually trying to do? (Asking because normally you'd just have a bibtex file that you'd want to import --which is why there is no such documentation -- but that doesn't seem to be the case here).

    There's no such simple mapping list and Zotero's import is a good deal more complex than a simple 1:1 mapping (the code is here, FWIW: ).
    You could try exporting a patent to bibtex from Zotero and looking at the fields. They should mostly roundtrip.
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