[5.0 beta] Menu (localization, kb shortcuts)

edited February 3, 2017
This looks like a regression, but in localized versions of Zotero 5.0 beta, Tools->Preferences appears now as Tools->Options. For example, with fr-FR: Outils->Options, instead of Outils->Préférences.
[Edit: PR here]

For the rest, here's a list of small improvements:

*Localize (the strings haven't been pushed on Transifex):
File->Import from Clipboard

*Display some existing keyboard shortcuts:
Edition->Copy Citation (Ctrl+Shift+A by default I think)
Edition->Copy Bibliography (Ctrl+Shift+C by default I think)

*Add new shortcuts:
Advanced Search: Ctrl+Shift+F
Open Preferences: Ctrl+P (This one would be really useful).
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