How can I cross-reference a zotero citation?

HELP! Normally I bookmark anything I want to cross-reference.
I tried bookmarking the zotero citation number.
It works until zotero does a refresh - like when you add a citation early in a document that causes later citations to need renumbering.
When zotero overwrites the field codes to do the renumbering, it removes the bookmark.
Is there another method to cross-reference the automatically generated zotero citation number?
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    What style are you using and Why exactly do you want to cross reference? In most cases, just insert the citation again, and Zotero will handle giving it the same citation number automatically.
  • Ok. Seems a waste to put all the info in again, but if it works, I'll take it! I did not try that. THANKS
  • I don't mean duplicating the item in Zotero, simply add a section reference to the same item later in the Word document.
  • See instructions on how to use the word plugin here:
  • Many thanks. Yes that works. Thanks for the link.

    My "waste" comment is because the field that zotero inserts is really big, lots of characters, because it has the abstract and all kinds of info that does not show up in the footnote. But it works, so I'll take it.
  • But you just mean that in terms of file size, right? You know you can hide those fields?
  • Yes. Yes. It works.
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