jstor Accept JSTOR's Terms and Conditions Below

Hi, not sure if there's anything that Zotero can do about this or not. As I log into jstor through an institution, the first time I try to download a pdf I get a pop-up asking me to accept jstor's T&Cs - you can't download the pdf till you agree. In theory this should be saved in MyJstor, except - institutional access stops that.
The problem here is that if I click on the Save to Zotero button, then it will save the reference but not the pdf - as Zotero doesn't trigger the pop up.
Once it's been triggered, then it's OK for a session (I think - closing firefox and reopening it does reset the permissions) and the save to Zotero will grab the pdf too.
Is there any clever thing that Zotero can do to either auto-accept the T&Cs (can see why you might not want that to happen) or get the T&C pop-up to appear so that it can be OKed and the pdfs saved?
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