Importing Local Ebooks

I have about 250 ebooks on each of Kindle and Ibooks on my Mac - is there an easy way to get these into Zotero?
  • Nothing super easy, no. If their displays have ISBNs, importing them using Add by Identifier should be pretty quick
  • Is there a way to link to the iBooks files purchased via iBooks Store? Those files sadly are not named helpfully, but only carry a series of numbers as their names (e.g. 1090648908.epub).

    Attempting to add links to these files within Zotero has been to no avail. The "Add Attachment: Attach Link to File" menu command gives the appropriate dialog box, but only permits opening the epub file and "drilling down" levels, not selecting it.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  • No advice, ZenonMarko, but I agree that would be a nice feature - or least something to remind myself that that's where it is (though of course I can make a note)
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