Export a Folder with contents of subfolders

Is it somehow possible to export the contents of a folder to BibTeX, including the subfolders?
  • If just exporting the collection doesn't include subcollections (I forgot whether that's the case or not, but given your question assume the answer is no) the easiest way would be to
    1. Set the "recursiveCollections hidden preference to true
    2. Select the top-level collection you want to export and then select all (i.e. ctrl/cmd+a in the middle panel)
    3. Right-click --> export selected items.
  • Amazing, that works. Thank you.
    Small misunderstanding regarding my motivation why I want to do this: I could export my whole library, but I **don't** want some of the folders to be included in the export. So maybe exporting a collection includes subfolders, but that wasn't my issue.
  • Oh, so maybe that wasn't clear: you can export a collection by right-clicking on the collection --> Export collection. I just don't know if that includes subcollections or not.
  • mxn
    edited February 1, 2017
    Sorry, I wasn't clear. If you have a folder with only subfolders in it, there is not option to export on right-click. (but with "recursiveCollections" set to true, there is!)
  • I have experienced problems possibly related to the above discussion. When trying to export to CSL JSON (both Better and regular) or CSL YAML, it works only for the library as a whole or for individual subfolders, not for a folder with subfolders. Setting 'recursiveCollections' to 'true' had no effect (Zotero was restarted).

    Moreover, even if I export the whole library, there is still a problem with encoding being refused by pandoc, but that is a general issue for another thread.
  • You're missing my step 2 above:
    2. Select the top-level collection you want to export and then select all (i.e. ctrl/cmd+a in the middle panel)
  • Thank you for a prompt reply. The problem is that for some reason I am not able to call 'Select All' either as a shortcut, or a menu option. I am on Kubuntu, 18.04.1. The 'Ctrl+A' shortcut is set globally. Once I find out why it does not apply for Zotero, I hope I will be able to test the export again.
  • Click on the first item, scroll down, shift+click on the last one?
  • Unfortunately, 'Shift+click' does not work either. I suppose there has to be something with the installation. I am under time pressure now, but will get back to it later. Thank you for your effort. I appreciate it.
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