Snapshots created via Zotero bookmarklet go to Zotero Storage - How to sync to WebDAV?

I use my WebDAV Storage for my main Zotero library. On iPads I use Papership to browse the Zotero Library offline and the Zotero website if I am online.

When I create a new entry of a website using the official bookmarklet in iOS Safar, the snapshot goes to the still available Zotero Storage and is visible through the Zotero website.

But when syncing from Zotero Standalone on the Desktop or Papership due to be configured for using WebDAV, The attachments are not pulled from Zotero Storage.

Instead e.g. Papership drops an (currently) unrevoverable load error.
Standalone also tries to stupidly load the attachment path completely storage location agnostic from WebDAV only.

1. How can I force Standalone to "move" the attachment to WebDAV storage?
2. How can be the actual storage "hinted" to applications to take action.

Not easy when actually has no credentials to access the WebDAV account.

Any experience and solutions to resolve that issue and / or workaround?
  • Sorry, no way to do this other than using Zotero File Storage, though you're not the first person to request it. I've created an issue for it, but it'd be fairly complicated to implement, so no estimate as to when it might happen.
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