Creating a Bibliography from Word document: Search without commas, or autohotkey

edited January 24, 2017
I wrote a long document in Word and then chopped my document in half. Had I used the Word add in, and set "Store references in document" I think I would have had no problem. Split, "Refresh" presto. Now I realize this benefit of the Word Add In I may use it in future. Anyway, that is background spilt milk.

I am now faced with making a bibliography by searching for the citations in a document.

I use APA (author, author, & author, date)

I find that I have to delete all the commas and ampersand to find the item in my library.

If there were a quicker way of doing this it would be cool. E.g. "search ignoring punctuation" setting.

Or perhaps I should use autohotkey script (at least mentioned here as a suggestion for others)

Based upon

The following script will cause CTRL + , (control comma) to copy a string removing commas and ampersands. You have to install autohotkey, create script (desktop right click New, Autohotkey Script), paste the below, and run it first.

; blank the clipboard so clipwait will work correctly
; with sending ^c
clipboard := ""
send ^c
ClipWait, 1
StringReplace, clipboard, clipboard, `,,, All
StringReplace, clipboard, clipboard, `&,, All
StringReplace, clipboard, clipboard, et al.,, All

And the above citation becomes when copied using control comma control V

author author author date

It now removes "et al." too.
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