[5.0 Beta] BUG: attachment can be tagged

edited January 26, 2017
If you drag&drop an attachment on a tag with an assigned color, the attachment will be tagged (the color square is visible). But their is no way to remove the tag after.

It's particularly problem when you want to tag multiple parent and some are open. You select them with shift, and of course also select the attachments. Then everything is tagged...

I think only parents item, or PDFs without parents should be able to have a tag.
  • You've always been able to tag attachments in Zotero and there are some very nice workflows that rely on it (including, e.g. ZotFile's send to table function).

    I didn't check this in 5.0, but in the current Zotero you can remove tags in the left-hand panel when you have the attachment selected. I assume that's still the case in 5.0, but if it isn't that'd definitely a bug.
  • Oh I found it! I was looking for the same tag interface than for parents.

    So yes it's not a bug :).
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