Best item type for British or ISO standards?


New user here, with a question about the predefined item types in Zotero. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did a quick search in the forum but didn't find anything that was very helpful.

Much of my library consists of British standards or ISO standards, and there doesn't seem to be a built in item type that captures all of the information that I would like in one place. The 'Report' item type seems the closest, but doesn't include the ISBN field. The 'Book' item type has the ISBN field, but foregoes the Report Number field (which I am using for the Standard Number), number of pages and Report Type which are all useful fields.

Here is an example of the type of think that I am trying to catalogue - the product details tab gives the key information:

Can I create a custom item type which includes all of the fields that I need, or am I limited to those which are built in?

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  • We're probably going to get a standard item type eventually (see ) but until then I'd probably use report and add the ISBN in the Extra field using the syntax "ISBN: 978-12345-12345" (without the quotation marks). Where citation styles use ISBNs, those will be picked up and if the report type does get an ISBN field, it'll migrate that content.
  • I've the same necessity...
  • If I'm required by an instructor to use a specific citation style, e.g. APA 6th, but I need to cite an ISO standard, is it possible to use APA for most of the document but "Report" for the individual ISO citation and or bibliographic entry? mtcstle
  • I'm not sure I understand the question. APA is a citation style, Report is an item type. You can of course you can cite Report item types in APA style. I doubt it will perfectly format ISO standards to APA specifications, so you should manually check and if necessary fix them before submitting the paper.
  • Don't know what I was thinking, adamsmith. But let's just say, I'm using APA6th but want to use ISO-690-author-date, for this one citation, or just for the single biblography entry. Can it be done? Will the auto-ordering of bibliographic material continue to work?
    Probably best to just do as you suggested to Sam, back in January. And as you say, touch it up manually, before submission. Thanks, mtcstle
  • You can’t mix two styles in one document, though of course you could modify APA to format reports like ISO. You can also manually add the reference at the end after Unlinking Citations. But you can probably get very close to the correct format using just APA and the report type.
  • Thanks, bwiernik. I think your correct on all counts.
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