[5.0 beta] "Generate Report" is often garbled

When I "Generate report" with maybe 30 or more items, it usually winds up garbled. The HTML source seems to always show the same specific problem: The text of an abstract will cut off in the middle of a word, e.g.

<td>We present ultrawide flat-band reflectors enabled with
multilevel resonant leaky-mode structures. The reflectors are designed
using particle swarm opti
<li id="item_undefined" class="item journalArticle">
<h2>A nanoelectromechanical tunable laser</h2>

Based on some experimenting, I have to guess that there is an overflowing variable or something like that. At first I thought there was some weird character or corruption in the zotero item, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The same zotero item which is cut off in one report, will display just fine in a different report with fewer total items, and also, I have seen many different zotero items get cut off this way -- depending on what I select for the report -- not just a few problematic ones. And the items near the top never seem to have this cutting-off problem. So that's why I'm guessing there's some kind of overflowing variable. But I don't really know.
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