Zotero Standalone (v4.0.29.15) crashes after wake every time on Sierra (10.12.2)


Zotero Standalone (v4.0.29.15) crashes after wake every time on my 2016 MacBook Pro with Sierra (10.12.2). To reproduce, I just have to close the lid, wait for sleep, and open the lid. Let me know if there's a log or other detail I can provide.
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    Everytime I wake up from lock condition on my macbook pro 2016, Zotero quit unexpectedly and I have to open it again.

    I used Zetero also in my macbook air, this issue never happened before.

    Is there any in-compatibility between zotero and lock(sleeping) mode for macbook pro??
  • This is an Apple bug specific to Touch Bar models. It's fixed in macOS 10.12.3, which is currently in beta. Once that's released, this should go away.
  • I have the same issue as @mebbert

    I will see if this is resolved in the new version of macOS
  • For all the follower of this post, upgrading the Sierra to 10.12.2 is useful to exclude this issue.
  • @dstillman, I assume this thread can be de-emphasized? 10.12.3 has been out since 1/23, and 10.12.4 since 3/27, so presumably most people with the affected hardware will have upgraded by now to a newer version of macOS Sierra.
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