Public Group, Public Notes?

edited January 18, 2017
Hi Zoteros,

is there a way of opening your group libraries to the public *without* also attaching your private thoughts, swearing and doubts or the research team's work and questions?

I am sure I saw this topic before but cannot find it right now.

Many thanks
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    Maybe I found the feature under →→→ Preferences / General / Groups: "When copying items between libraries, include: child notes"

    The problem now is: this feature erases Notes also in the group libraries so that team members cannot see each others Notes? Seems a little harsh though. Any other idea, please?
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    If a library is public, there is no way currently to not show notes, sorry.

    There is the option that you've found to not copy notes as you move items to the group, but that's not quite the same thing as you've noted.
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