Emerald harvard referencing

Within text, when more than three authors, they indicated "Three or more use et al". When I use my Zotero, it list all the three authors name rather than using 'et al'. Is this only my problem?

BTW, it was not like this before, but I noticed this rather recently.

  • Which style specifically are you using? And can you post a link to the author guidelines specifying et al for three or more? If there is an error in the style, we can easily fix it.
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    Thanks bwiernik!

    Here is the link.

    Quoting from the above link;


    In the case of more than two authors, use " et al." to avoid listing author names in full (note italics).

    ... the ability to respond intuitively and often very rapidly (Bar-Tel et al., 1999; Prietula and Simon, 1989; Schoemaker and Russo, 1993; Simon, 1997).
    Crossan et al. (1999) stress that the subconscious is critical to understanding how people come to ...


    'et al.' should be in italics, but can't change to italic here in this post.

    Thanks you very much!
  • The Emerald Harvard CSL style (here: https://www.zotero.org/styles/emerald-harvard) correctly specifies to use et-al at 3 or more authors. I am thinking your document might inadvertently have been set to a different style. Try switching your document to another style and then back to Emerald Harvard.
  • Thanks bwiernik. I have tried to switch the Zotero referencing style in the same document but it didn't work. But I created new document, then it worked.. Thanks anyway!!!

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