last error: browser is offline

I've come accross this a couple of times recently: sometimes, seemingly out of the blue, after having Firefox open for some time and synced successfully, Zotero starts thinking that my browser is offline and refuses to sync ("Last error: browser is offline"). However, the browser is definitely online and I'm not aware turning it offline in between (which I never do anyway). Checking/unchecking the work offline option doesn't help. It starts syncing again only when I restart Firefox.

error #: 1730874853

(Windows XP, FF 3.0.7, Z 1.5b2)
  • Firefox can automatically enter/exit offline mode, but you could prevent it by using the Always Online extension. I think that your browser could momentarily enter offline mode & that you could miss it. If your browser definitely isn't momentarily entering offline mode, I don't know what else could trip that error.
  • Thank you, I will try that extension. However, the offline option is always unchecked when the error occurs (or might it go offline in the background?) and I can surf the internet without problems. In fact, the error still presists as I am posting this message.
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