I lost files in local library after accidentally syncing with firefox zotero

I use zotero in different computers at home and at work (both standalones). I opened up zotero on firefox and the auto sync accidentally sync all my libraries with the old version of my zotero libraries in the Firefox. I tried to resolve using the conflict resolution dialogue, but I think I press the wrong button and all the folders are now sync to old versions. Now, auto sync has automatically backdated/synced all my computers to the old version of my zotero library in firefox.

Is there any way to retrieve all files and folders in my local zotero library in my computer? I have lost many months of work and documents in this accidental syncing. PLEASE HELP. Thank you. (The back up in my external hard drive is under repair and cannot be used to restore the library).
  • Is it possible to undo the decisions made in the conflict resolution dialogues?
  • Or is there any way to undo the files that are wrongly synced? (if I have no back up?)
  • You can check if this helps: https://www.zotero.org/support/zotero_data#restoring_from_the_last_automatic_backup but otherwise, no.

    But I'm a bit confused what you're saying about sync: Sync will not remove files when syncing with an older version of your library (it would recognize that's an older version). It would also not remove items from collections (though it may add back old collections). So a sync really shouldn't cause you to lose any data, though it can mess a bit with organization in a worst case.
  • Thank you for your response.

    I realize that the new files/documents are not deleted but I have no idea where they are stored/located now as the organization of the folders have been reverted to an old format that was used many months back (the worst case that you have highlighted).

    I use Zotero (standalones) on 3-4 computers. The syncing has not been a problem. I am not sure what I have done wrong in this last accident that led to all my zoteros reverting to an old version of my zotero library. It occurred after I opened my zotero on firefox and the syncing led to conflict resolution dialog appearing and probably my mistake in choosing the wrong version to resolve the conflict. But I want to ensure this does not occur again in future. So, my questions are:

    1) where do I find all the files and documents that have been added in the last few months that are not reflected in this current "old" library format?

    2) how do I ensure that the syncing of zoteros between different computers are syncing the latest and most updated library format/version?
  • 1) I'd expect they'd _also_ be in the new collections, so it'd just be a question of removing them from the old organization
    2) Always have auto sync turned on and make sure to resolve sync issues (red exclamation mark next to sync arrow) right away and this shouldn't happen.
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