After upgrading to 1.5 beta2 from 1.09 attachments are not found in linux

After upgrading to 1.5 beta2 from 1.09 attachments are not found in linux. In windows everything is ok.
  • How are you syncing the attachments between the two operating systems? Were you keeping the two platforms in sync when you were using 1.09 & if so, how?
  • I have a fat32 partition. There is a zotero folder I created on it. Database is stored there and I'm using it whether in linux or windows, by selecting it in zotero preferences.
  • These are imported attachments stored within the 'storage' folder? What's the debug output when you attempt to load an attachment from Linux?
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    These are the attachments added as copies of files. Zotero puts them to the 'storage' folder.
    Here is what I have in terminal
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    I changed the link above so now it works.
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    The debug output shows the file doesn't exist. The first thing I'd do is to check to see if that is the case, but Zotero isn't setup to output the filename in the debugging output right now.

    If you feel comfortable doing it, I would load 'zotero.sqlite; in the sqlite3 command line tool and run:SELECT key FROM items WHERE itemID=12993;
    SELECT path FROM itemAttachments WHERE itemID=12993;
    . The first should tell you the subdirectory of the zotero 'storage' directory your file was in; the second should tell you the filename (with 'storage:' prepended). Confirm that you can access the file on your filesystem manually. Potential hiccups, off the top of my head: no permission (perhaps mounted by someone else), improper mounting to handle case dependency, etc.

    Also to check: what happens when you make a new attachment? Is it stored successfully? Can you retrieve it after attaching it? Where in the filesystem is it stored?
  • Maybe the answer to your problem is here:
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